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Who says a fun night out at the bar has to end in aches, pains, and nausea? At Dr. Seltzer’s, we redeem a good night of drinking with our all-natural hangover cure. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be wondering where it’s been all your life.

Our Superior Product

Dr. Seltzer’s no doctor, it’s true. But he is a genius entrepreneur who you’ll soon be thanking, once you try our product. Dr. Seltzer saw a need in the hangover cure market and made it his mission to fill the void. He knew there had to be a better alternative, and after dutiful research and development, he learned he was right. Because other hangover pills simply fall short when you compare them to our superior product.

All-Natural Ingredients

Our Hangover HelpeRx is made of natural ingredients you’ll find straight from the Earth, including vitamins, minerals, extracts, and more. We use only the most reputable suppliers in the world to give you a product that enhances mental clarity, boosts your energy, and makes you all but forget about your drinking the night before.

Check Out Our Reviews

Sound too good to be true? Check out our testimonials and hangover pill reviews to see for yourself. Customers from all over the country are raving about our product. Read up on our reviews, and you’ll quickly be convinced you need our Hangover HelpeRx in your cart ASAP. 

Whether you’re a college student, a regular at the bar, or a social drinker, we’re ready to make your morning after a whole lot better. Contact us or check out our FAQs to learn more, then try our Hangover HelpeRx today.

This Product Really Works

It ain’t no miracle cure but it is the next best thing. I can function in the morning. Amazed and Thankful

Steve ‘Gator Paws’, Gainesville

Made My Memorial Day Weekend

My hangovers are immediate and intense. I’m always trying new products including my own formulations, so I’m familiar with the ingredients. They are extremely expensive and the volume requirements are prohibitive to continue my research. 

Sandy Hood – Portland , Oregon

I was Saved by Dr. Seltzer at Daytona 500

This product does exactly what it says. I was skeptical but am now a huge fan. I woke up feeling way too good. I went to Doc’s website and read about the ingredients. This invention is right up there with ‘Sliced Bread’.

Brad Jaspers

It Works the Morning After

I picked up a Free Sample at the Beaver Bar Bike Week. The wrapped bus and the name of the product name and art were intriguing. I forgot I had Dr. Seltzer in my pocket so I took it the morning after. I can tell you my headache was gone within minutes. In about 2 hours I realized I wasn’t hungover anymore. I’m amazed. They have been swamped this last week and it is hard to get through to someone. Their website was overloaded so they linked direct to Amazon for retail sales.

Wayne Costa

Snake Oil Salesman or a Modern Day Breakthrough

It was pitched as an old time natural remedy based on science that really helps prevent the dreaded hangover AND the ingredients protect the liver and so much more. It just makes sense to take it while drinking. It is a phenomenal product.



This is without a doubt the greatest stuff ever. I’ve tried all of the major products available online, like Cheers and Drinkwel, and none can hold a candle to Dr. Seltzer’s Hangover Helper.

Larry Hemming, Valdosta Georgia

Thanks Doc

When I get hungover it feels like someone replaced all of my body fluids with Clorox. No more, thanks to Hangover Helper.

John Tarr, Boca Raton

100% positive feedback

Received my order today. Unlike so many products of this type on the market this compound actually works as advertised!!! Thank you so much!!! Will be ordering again most certainly. The very fast shipping was an unexpected bonus! 100% positive feedback left for you on EBay

Peter Gochinas

Forgot I was Hungover

After an extreme night of shooters (Fireballs) and a Dr. Seltzer pack with 4 pills I woke up thinking everything was normal. Right before lunch I started to feel a little rough and it dawned on me that I should have felt much worse earlier. After lunch I went online and bought a bottle (10 Servings). 

Patrick S. Nelson, Jacksonville, FL